Let me help you in celebrating one of life’s greatest moments by creating the wedding ceremony of your dreams. There are no obligations on earth more sweet or tender than those you will be assuming in the coming months. There is no human institution more sacred than marriage. Trust in me to make your personalized ceremony specific to your special needs and filled with moments you will cherish always

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Also available for Commitment and Renewal Ceremonies
Proudly serving Los Angeles and surrounding communities

Issuer of Los Angeles County  Marriage Licenses: I am authorized, as a Notary Public, by Los Angeles County to issue A CONFIDENTIAL MARRIAGE LICENSE as part of my service to the couples I am performing ceremonies for, or to couples who need A CONFIDENTIAL MARRIAGE LICENSE only. This will eliminate the inconvenience of going to the county clerk’s office. This service is available for ceremonies performed in Los Angeles County only.

Contact me at:  RevHorowitz@InterfaithWeddingOfficiant.com

A Member of The National Association of Wedding Ministers 
Member of the League of Women Clergy   The American Association of Wedding Officiants